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Eastern Star

Corporate events and weddings or special events

Eastern Star is a stunning classic yacht offering exceptional service and cuisine. With her elegant Ralph Lauren style interior designed in rich mahogany and gleaming brass and her spacious upper dining/lounge deck decorated with palm trees and ambient lighting, she is a very popular private dinner cruise yacht in NYC. Conveniently docked at Chelsea Piers in NYC, she is 85 feet in length, and is US Coast Guard certified for up to 80 passengers plus crew.

She is the perfect venue for weddings, corporate functions, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, team building cruises and gatherings of all kinds. While their Executive chef

beautifully prepares and presents outstanding cuisine, her warm and courteous staff does a superb job accommodating your every need.

Book EASTERN STAR at www.navesinkyachts.com 732.671.9358

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