Introducing our 81' motor yacht M.I.S. MOONDANCE. All are welcome aboard this masterfully redesigned pleasure cruiser. M.I.S. MOONDANCE completed a top to bottom renovation totaling just over one million dollars in September 2015. Taking design cues from Miami's fashionable, glamorous resurgence; this yacht is reminiscent of the boutique hotels of South Beach's most decadent era. Bold and inviting this yacht provides an enchanting experience out on the water with friends and family.

M.I.S. MOONDANCE'S pristine interior is spacious, comfortable and features:

- Grand salon with a wrap around sofa and four person bar

- Fully stocked galley to seamlessly accommodate our guests' desires

- Indoor dining at the forward settee table

- Three, impeccably clean, guest cabins (one king and two queen) with en-suite bathrooms

Exiting the salon towards the rear of the boat, you're presented with three options for enjoying the fresh air and sunshine that makes being aboard a yacht so unique. Your options include:

- Hang out on the aft deck with available alfresco dining and seating for eight

- Relax up front on our 110sqft sun pad with double stuffed cushions

- Climb the stairs to the 400sqft upper deck with seating for twelve, removable sun shades and is a great place to dance or layout

M.I.S. MOONDANCE is wired with satellite tv, Siriusxm radio, bluetooth enabled surround sound and wifi so you'll have no problem playing your favorite music while we cruise to your chosen destination.

If you're interested in exploring, skiing, tubing, snorkeling or fishing we have a 22ft speedboat with 150hp that will be coming along with us.

Our M.I.S. MOONDANCE and crew invite you and your guests to come aboard for a minimum of two hours but must ask you to leave after one week(it happens). We take sincere pride in providing a fun, safe and memorable experience for you and yours. Please feel free to call or text for more information. Thank you or taking the time to learn more about our cherished yacht.


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